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INTERNSHIPS list in Croatia

Internships: A Comprehensive List in Croatia

Are you a student or recent graduate eager to gain work experience and boost your career prospects? Look no further! Croatia offers a wide range of internship opportunities across various industries. Whether you’re interested in technology, arts, marketing, or hospitality, there is an internship waiting for you. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of internships in Croatia – an invaluable resource for those seeking professional growth and development.

1. Tech Internships in Croatia

Croatia is emerging as an attractive destination for tech enthusiasts. The country has a vibrant startup scene and hosts numerous companies focused on innovation and technological advancements. As a tech intern, you can find opportunities to work with leading software development firms, gain experience in web design, or explore the world of data analytics. Some notable companies offering tech internships include Rimac Automobili, Infobip, and Agrivi.

2. Arts and Cultural Internships

If you have a passion for arts and culture, Croatia offers a myriad of exciting internships in this field. From assisting at renowned art galleries and museums to working with cultural festivals and events, you can immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the country. Internship positions in this domain often include roles like curatorial assistants, event coordinators, and marketing associates. Museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and festivals like the Dubrovnik Summer Festival are excellent places to explore for internships.

3. Marketing and Communications Internships

With the rise of digital marketing, there is a growing demand for talented individuals in the field of marketing and communications. Croatia’s vibrant tourism industry and expanding businesses provide ample opportunities to gain experience in this domain. As an intern, you can work with marketing agencies, public relations firms, or directly with companies in industries such as hospitality, fashion, or technology. Some notable organizations offering marketing internships are Maistra Hospitality Group, Valamar Riviera, and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey.

4. Hospitality Internships

Croatia’s stunning coastline and booming tourism sector make it an ideal destination for those interested in hospitality internships. With a wide range of hotels, resorts, and restaurants, interns can gain firsthand experience in hotel management, customer service, event planning, and culinary arts. Brands like Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, Valamar Hotels & Resorts, and Adriatic Luxury Hotels regularly offer internship programs catering to various aspects of the hospitality industry.

5. Environmental and Sustainability Internships

With its breathtaking natural landscapes, Croatia recognizes the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. Internship opportunities focusing on ecological research, wildlife preservation, and sustainable development are available across the country. Organizations such as the Blue World Institute, Greenpeace Croatia, and WWF Adria encourage interns to contribute to environmental initiatives and raise awareness about conservation efforts.

6. Finance and Business Internships

For aspiring finance and business professionals, Croatia presents unique opportunities to gain exposure to the European market. Internship positions in this field range from working in financial institutions, consulting firms, to startups. Interns can gain insights into financial analysis, strategic planning, market research, and project management. Companies like Erste Group, KPMG Croatia, and Podravka offer internship programs to students and graduates interested in the world of finance and business.


Internships provide a valuable stepping stone in the professional journey of students and recent graduates. Croatia’s diverse industries and thriving economy offer an abundance of internship opportunities across various sectors. Whether you’re inclined towards technology, arts and culture, marketing, hospitality, environmental conservation, or finance, Croatia has something to offer. Take advantage of the comprehensive list of internships in Croatia and embark on an exciting and rewarding internship experience in this beautiful country.

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