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The Steps to FULLY FUNDED university list in Greece

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Fully Funded University List in Greece


Are you considering studying in Greece but worried about the high costs of tuition fees? Don’t fret, because there are various opportunities for students to access fully funded programs in Greek universities. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to create a fully funded university list in Greece, ensuring you have a seamless journey towards your higher education goals.

Step 1: Researching Greek Universities and Programs

Begin by undertaking detailed research on various Greek universities and the programs they offer. Look for universities that have a strong reputation for offering fully funded education options. It is crucial to prioritize institutions that align with your field of interest as well.

Step 2: Exploring Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants play a vital role in funding your education. Greece offers a range of scholarships to international students, including those pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. Keep an eye out for scholarships that cater to your specific academic background and eligibility criteria. Organizations such as the Greek government, universities themselves, and external foundations often provide these opportunities.

Step 3: Connecting with University International Offices

Once you have shortlisted your preferred universities, get in touch with their international offices. They can provide you with comprehensive information about fully funded programs and scholarships available to international students. Their expertise will assist you in finding the right scholarships that align with your profile and aspirations.

Step 4: Building a Strong Application

To increase your chances of being awarded a fully funded scholarship, it is crucial to prepare a strong application. Pay attention to the requirements and follow them diligently. Submit all the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a well-crafted statement of purpose. Adhere to the application deadlines to avoid missing out on any opportunities.

Step 5: Networking and Partnerships

Building a network within the Greek education industry can significantly benefit your search for fully funded programs. Attend education fairs, seminars, and webinars to connect with representatives from Greek universities and scholarship providers. These interactions can provide insights into the available opportunities and even open doors to exclusive scholarships or partnerships.

Step 6: Seek Professional Assistance

Navigating the world of scholarships and fully funded programs can be overwhelming. Consider seeking assistance from professional consultants or education agents specializing in Greek universities. They possess in-depth knowledge of the scholarship landscape and can guide you through the entire process, increasing your chances of success.

Step 7: Monitor Deadlines and Stay Persistent

Keeping track of scholarship deadlines is crucial. Create a schedule to ensure you do not miss any application submission dates. Stay persistent in your endeavors, as securing a fully funded scholarship often requires patience and persistent efforts. Don’t be discouraged by rejections; keep striving for success.


Creating a fully funded university list in Greece is an exciting and rewarding process. Conduct thorough research, explore scholarships, connect with university international offices, prepare a strong application, network within the industry, seek professional assistance if needed, and stay persistent. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be well on your way to studying in Greece with your education fully funded. Begin your journey today and turn your higher education dreams into a reality!